The world is at the dawn of a new area, driven by the way we use technology. Alongside with opportunities come challenges, which have to be mastered in order to stay on top of developments. Multidisciplinary problems must be solved with an understanding of most current topics. Enabling this understanding and supporting an independent opinion formation are among the main goals of a series of seminars, held by a team of cutting-edge professionals, researchers, and lecturers.

In focus are implications of the current evolution entailed by specific areas of advanced technology, which are looked at from a positive, negative, and neutral perspective. The areas include cyber threat and security (e.g., cyberwar as well as cybercrime defense for businesses and public administration), artificial intelligence safety (e.g., applied robot ethics and machine ethics), business digitalization (e.g., internet of things and blockchain), societal upheaval (e.g., labor transformation as well as laws and regulations), etc.

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Key Questions

Questions, which are answered or for which answer scenarios are introduced or demonstrated, include the following:
  • What are currently common cyberattack patterns?
  • How do sophisticated threat actors operate?
  • Who is behind cybercrime and what are the contemporary cyber defense deployments?
  • How can I protect my business and myself in cyberspace?
  • What happens if cyber threats are combined with, e.g., internet of things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence?
  • How do machines learn?
  • What are artificial intelligence, artificial creativity, and artificial awareness or consciousness?
  • What are present and future applications of artificial intelligence?
  • How to make artificial intelligence safe?
  • Are our society, our laws and regulations, and our businesses fit in order to provide sufficient cyber security and artificial intelligence safety?

Meet The Team

In addition to the technical understanding and comprehensive insight into offensive cyber operations, the team also has many years of experience and a very broad network in the areas of OSINT, federal agencies, international associations and compliance & law enforcement. Its clients include public authorities, the military and the private sector.

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